Fiber Cement Siding Costs

Fiber cement has steadily grown in popularity due to its longevity and durability. Nationally, its market share is about 10 percent, but in many regions, fiber cement siding accounts for 20 to 30 percent of all siding installation. Unlike other types of siding, fiber cement is a good fit for essentially all climates. Some leading manufacturers, such as James Hardie Building Products, even produce fiber cement siding tailor-made for different geographical regions.

Cladding your home with fiber cement siding is one of the savviest investments you can make as a homeowner. In addition to pleasing aesthetics, and increased annual energy savings, fiber cement siding adds value during resale. In many cases, you can expect to recover as much as 78 percent of your investment, according to Jame Hardie Building Products' Facebook page.

Nationwide for 2011, wrapping a house with 1,250-square-feet of fiber cement siding costs approximately $13,461, which is slightly less than the cost of premium, foam-back vinyl siding. However, the average cost recouped during resale is eight percent higher, says the annual Cost vs. Value report by "Remodeling Magazine." And while fiber cement siding costs more than standard or economy vinyl siding, it runs about 75 percent less than natural stone, 37 percent less than premium cedar and 27 percent less than most types of natural wood siding.

Fiber cement siding comes in numerous styles to suit a variety of architectural tastes. It can be shipped with either a primer coat or a finish coat of paint. In addition to James Hardie, leading U.S. fiber cement siding manufacturers include CertainTeed, Nichiha and MAXITILE.

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