Fiber Cement Siding Colors

Two big names in fiber cement siding are James Hardie Company, which invented the product, and Certainteed which offers factory painted, factory primed, or unprimed siding. Others choices include Cemboard, GAF, Maxtile, and Nichiha USA. Some manufacturers don't provide factory priming or painting.

Why opt for factory painted siding?

Fiber cement siding colors are handsome and are very durable, especially if factory-applied primer and paint is used. Factory-applied paint has from 16 to 20 rich and subtle color or stain options. James Hardie Company even varies the paint colors by regional preferences. Factory colors usually have a 12-year warranty for stains (Certainteed) and a 15-year warranty for colors (James Hardie, Certainteed.) That's two to three times that of field-applied color.

You're still in luck if you'd rather choose your own fiber cement siding colors. Ordering factory-primed siding has the benefit of a paint base that is applied under ideal factory conditions. Or you can choose a high quality masonry primer and then a paint with high film-building capability, such as Sherwin-Williams' Duration (R), which covers in one coat. When repainting, a washed and thoroughly dried surface does not need new primer. Dirt, mildew and moss must be removed following factory recommendations.

Warranties for factory priming and painting are separate from warranties for the siding itself. Be sure you understand and follow your brand's priming and painting information. Look at colors on actual samples, not in brochures or online. That will assure an alluring exterior that augments an already inviting, long-lasting siding choice.

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