Architectural styles and fiber cement cost

Architectural styles and fiber cement cost

Installing fiber cement siding can be a great way to give your house a face-lift and perhaps even increase its value. The siding can also eliminate many of the exterior maintenance chores that keep you off the golf course or from relaxing next to the pool. Of course, during these challenging economic times almost everyone is concerned about their finances, so how much should you budget for the project?

If you base your approximate fiber cement siding cost on what other homeowners in the neighborhood are paying, you could be in for a surprise. Whether it's good or bad news could depend on the architectural styling of your home, just as much as its size.

Architectural styling and fiber cement cost

Size matters when it comes to homes and the amount of material required for a re-siding project. It only makes sense that a large home may take more siding than a smaller house and the material cost for the project could be higher. However, the time it takes to side a home can also have an effect on the cost -- and this is where your architectural styling may be a factor. Even though your neighbor's home may be about the same square footage as yours, the exterior design could be vastly different. Here are a few common architectural styles, and how they could affect your fiber cement cost:

  1. Rambler. This predominantly one-story house can be a siding installer's dream. It usually features long runs of siding and easy cuts.
  2. Cape Cod. These quaint homes are family favorites and can be fairly easy to side. However, many have dormers that require intricate cuts that can add additional labor costs to the job.
  3. Victorian. While this house style can be very beautiful, it can also be one of the most difficult to side. All of those steep gable angles and decorative cupolas can add quite a bit of labor to your fiber cement cost.

The best method for getting an accurate fiber cement price for your house type is to get estimates. Be sure to get three competing quotes from experienced local siding contractors.


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