You have options when comparing fiber cement prices

You have options when comparing fiber cement prices

When fiber cement siding was first marketed during the 1980s, it was heralded as a breakthrough in the exterior building product industry. The material had the realistic appearance of wood, but the long term low-maintenance properties of vinyl siding -- the combination had the potential to be many homeowners' dream exterior siding product. The only problem was that fiber cement prices were pretty much set by the sole manufacturer at the time. If you wanted the product on your home, there weren't a lot of choices. Fortunately times have changed -- you now have plenty of options when comparing costs.

Manufacturers to consider when comparing fiber cement prices

Any conversation about fiber cement siding has to include the James Hardie Company as they were the innovators who first developed the product. Their name is so associated with the material that many builders and siding contractors still call any fiber cement siding Hardie Board regardless of who actually made it. However, when shopping for the siding, there are several other manufacturers who have been busy developing reputations of their own. Consider these other brands for a wide range of siding prices:

  1. CertainTeed -- A leader in exterior siding for many years, this company offers numerous styles and colors of fiber cement siding.
  2. Nichiha -- This manufacturer offers a wide range of fiber cement products in numerous prefinished colors.
  3. MaxiTile -- Choose from several surface textures of primed fiber cement siding, but you'll have to do your own top coats.
  4. Cemplank -- This company offers several textures and sizes of fiber cement, but there aren't any prefinished model lines.
  5. Cerber -- Offered through BuildDirect, the Rustic Collection has a very realistic wood appearance.

James Hardie, CertainTeed, and Nichiha are without a doubt the leaders in the fiber cement siding industry and offer the widest range of products. However, it never hurts to check with the newcomers when comparing fiber cement prices.


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