Fiber Cement How To

Installing fiber cement siding can provide your home with many years of low-maintenance protection from the elements and give its appearance an upgrade at the same time. However, many homeowners enjoy knowing a little more about the product than just what styles and colors are available. Installation methods, maintenance tips, and how to get your best price are all topics that can assist you when making your siding decision. You should be able to find those answers and many more in this section that addresses fiber cement siding how to questions such as:

  • What are the best cleaning products to use on fiber cement siding?
  • Does fiber cement siding ever need repairs and if so, how are they done?
  • How is the siding installed and is it within the capabilities of the average DIYer?
  • Are there any tricks of the trade when installing fiber cement siding?
  • Can common household tools be used for an installation or are specialty tools required?
  • What safety procedures should be followed during a DIY installation?
  • Can fiber cement be installed over your existing siding?
  • Is there a way to use fiber cement with other materials such as brick or stone veneer?

You'll also discover what purchasing options might lower your siding cost, what to look for in your contractor's estimate, and if there's any preparation work that should be done to your home before the siding is installed. Fiber cement siding is an investment that should provide you with long-term dividends--this section can help you get started on your project.


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