When installing vinyl siding, local notions matter

When installing vinyl siding, local notions matter

As a home resource, your neighbors are good for more than just a cup of sugar. If you're thinking about installing vinyl siding, you might want to take a stroll around the block and get inspired by the local architecture.

A side of local flavor

Just as the United States is a melting pot of global cultures, it's also a melting pot of architectural styles. Inspired by its citizens, its diverse climate, and its history, the following are only a few common American architecture styles:

  • Victorian
  • Colonial
  • Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Georgian

Some of these styles were designed to stand up to local weather conditions. It's possible that the more common a style is to your community, the more practical it is for the local climate.

The aesthetics of installing vinyl siding

One of the many advantages of vinyl siding is that it is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It can be made to resemble wood, and can be trimmed to fit even the most intricate architectural design.

What style of house do you have? What style of house do you covet? If you live in New England, for example, where the locals love the look of cedar, you may want to choose a siding that emulates that look.

Whether weather matters

When making a decision about the type of vinyl siding to put on your house, you should consider both form and function. Do you live in a part of the country that experiences extreme temperatures? Do you get hurricanes? Tornadoes? Snowstorms?

Your house needs to be prepared to deal with the potential problems that can result from these weather conditions, especially excessive wind or moisture. Vinyl siding is available in varying thicknesses and sizes - knowing what kind of weather your house has to face can help you make a decision about what to install.

Your neighbors and/or members of your community may also be able to recommend a local contractor. These home professionals can be valuable tools when installing vinyl siding, and may be able to recommend the proper products based on how you'd like your siding to look and perform.

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