Installing Vinyl Siding - Cost to DIY

Installing Vinyl Siding - Cost to DIY

There are several costs to consider when installing vinyl siding yourself. Not only do you need to buy all the siding materials, but you also need to buy the right tools, purchase proper permits, and rent garbage bins to dispose of old or excess material.

To give you an idea of how much it would cost to install siding yourself, here is an example of the costs for installing siding on a 2200 square house. Note: No soffit or fascia was added to this estimate and these prices are only estimates to give you an idea.

Vinyl siding material: 2200 square feet X $1.00 (vinyl siding) = $2220
1/4 Insulation Foam: 2200 square feet X $32.00 = $704
Builder's Permit: $150.00
Garbage rental: $175.00
J-Channels: 55 pieces at $3.67 each = $201.85
Starter Strips: 15 pieces at $2.87 each = $43.05
Inside Corner: 8 pieces at $5.67 each = $45.36
Outside Corner: 2 pieces at $11.51 each = $23.02
Finish Strips: 6 pieces at $3.35 each = $20.10
Outlets/Hydrants/Vents: These are used for light fixtures, plug-in outlets, hydrant faucets, and to replace gable vents = $225.00 total
Shutters: 10 pieces at $42.00 each = $420
Nails for the siding: $35.00
Delivery charge (if applicable): $37.75

Total Vinyl Siding Cost for this estimate with taxes would be $5,843.13 with 8% tax. Remember this is just an estimate and your final price will depend on the vinyl siding you pick as well as many other factors. Keep in mind, this does NOT include soffit, fascia or any aluminum to be wrapped around the windows. Also consider putting in better insulation boards (better than the 1/4 insulation boards if possible) or the insulated vinyl siding, which would save you money in the long run, but would cost you more money up front.

For those installing vinyl siding themselves, you would need to purchase any tools that you currently do not have which is needed to install vinyl siding and remove the labor costs from the final price. You may also want to factor out how many hours it would take you to remove (if applicable) and install the vinyl siding on your house.

If you know you are a pretty good handyman, then you could install vinyl siding yourself. If you are unsure, it would be a good idea to hire a professional siding installer. As you can see, you would be paying at least a few thousand dollars purchasing what is needed, so perhaps paying a extra to get the job done right may be a wise decision since most likely the vinyl siding you choose will be on your house for a long time. See this article about the vinyl siding costs and prices from a company bid as well as this article for vinyl siding costs and prices for Soffit and Fascia.

Additional Notes: Keep in mind, you might need to remove the old siding first before installing the new siding. If you have some other bids with fascia, soffit and other accessories included. You could email us the list of prices and we can put it up on the website. This way people can compare the costs and prices of having vinyl siding installed.

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