Vinyl siding: top choice for your region?

Vinyl siding: top choice for your region?

When you have a question about population statistics, where do you look? If you're like many people, you probably consider the Census Bureau to be the go-to source. But the U.S. government organization that counts people every ten years also compiles a lot of other interesting regional and national information. Their annual Survey of Construction indicates that when it comes to new homes, vinyl siding is the most popular exterior cladding in the country.

How does vinyl siding rate in your region?

Every month the U.S. Census Bureau reviews building permits for over 900 locations across the country. The information gathered helps in predicting construction trends, future infrastructure needs, and current housing characteristics. The data is compiled into their annual SOC report and is also used in tables that trace the history of housing in the country. The information covers the nation as a whole, but is broken down into four regions as well.

One of the topics covered in the SOC is the principle type of exterior wall material installed on new homes. Here's what the SOC data for 2011 indicates:

  • Of the new houses constructed across the country, 34 percent had vinyl siding as their primary exterior cladding.
  • Inside metropolitan areas, 31 percent of the new homes were sided with vinyl.
  • Builders in rural area chose vinyl siding for their homes 53 percent of the time.
  • In the Northeast 78 percent of the new houses had vinyl as an exterior veneer.
  • In the Midwest, 61 percent of the new houses were constructed with vinyl.
  • Southern builders prefer brick, using it on 41 percent of their houses. Vinyl was installed on 28 percent of the new homes built in the region.
  • Vinyl siding was least popular in the West where it was used on only 6 percent of new home construction. The big winner in that region: stucco, which came in at 49 percent.

So while this data might be interesting, is it useful to know? It could be if you're planning on installing new siding on your home in the near future. Homebuilders spend a lot of time and money researching future trends in the real estate market and what prospective buyers are looking for in their next house. They base the designs of their products on this data in an effort to attract customers.

Thanks to the Census Bureau, you have the information for free, and it should help when the time comes to sell your house. You now know that if your home is located in the Northeast, vinyl may be a good choice as a new siding. And if your house is in the West, you might want to stick with stucco.

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