Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Structure siding from Aloca is the first premium insulated vinyl siding bonded with Dow STYROFOAM®, a recognized leader in insulation. Structure provides superior strength, style and performance and a significant improvement in your home's R-Value (resistance to heat flow) up to 25%. This panel also features our patented T3-Lok System, withstands winds up to 160 mph and is an ENERGY STAR® qualified insulation product!

    • The first premium siding permanently bonded with STYROFOAM® insulation
    • Insulates entire home exterior... even over wood framing where heat loss is significant
    • Can improve the R-Value (resistance to heat flow) of your home up to 25%
    • Reduces high frequency noise and wind sounds by up to 50%

  • Solid feel and natural woodgrain pattern for the appeal of real wood
  • Alcoa & Dow...the industry-leading product you'd expect from industry leaders
  • Withstands 160 mph windload
  • Foam backing provides a straighter appearance and a solid feel.
  • Design options include Double 6" and Single 7"
  • Exceptional woodgrain detail and colors
  • Locks securely with patented T3-Lok System
  • Extremely low moisture absorption compared to other foam-backed siding
  • Helps keep heating and cooling costs down in all climates and conditions, even in the presence of moisture

Dow STYROFOAM is an ENERGY STAR® qualified insulation product.

Alcoa's website and more specific information about the Structure Insulated Vinyl Siding.

CraneBoard's 6" and 7" foam backed, insulated vinyl siding boards give a home an exceptional, architecturally correct appearance. Homeowners tell us these wider, straighter profiles make a home appear even larger and more stately.

  • Maintenance-Freedom
  • Energy Efficient, up to
  • 4.0 R-Value†
  • Wider, Straight-Face Design
  • 6" & 7" Panel Exposure
  • Smoothes, Straightens Walls
  • Impact Resistant
  • No-Nonsense Lifetime Warranty
  • Repels Insects
  • Complete Trim System
  • Deadens Sound

Crane also makes dutchlap insulated vinyl siding, which is called Oracle.

Crane's website and more specific information is located here.

DuraPlank's insulated vinyl siding is the thickest panel (.054") on the market and features an Energy Star rated extruded foam backing for straighter walls, enhanced energy savings, sound deadening performance and greater home comfort.

The WindLok 265 System
Innovative double nail hem enables panels to withstand winds up to 265 mph*. This exclusive WindLok 265 System provides a more secure, tighter-fitting siding that stands up to the highest standards of structural performance.

Extra Think Gauge (.054")
Thickest panel on the market offers superior rigidity and strength.

Free-Floating Foam
Foam is locked, not glued, to allow for expansion, contraction and escape of moisture for a lifetime of performance.

Ventilating Air Pockets
Creates an efficient thermal barrier and helps protect against rot, mold and mildew.

Effective Water Channels
Water and condensation are collected and guided away from internal walls. Helps prevent water from pooling behind siding, which can lead to rot, mildew and thermal breakdown.

Ribbed Foam by GreenGuard®
DuraPlank's uniquely ribbed foam backing has been cleverly designed to provide maximum impact resistance and great sound deadening qualities. Rigid construction ensures DuraPlank won't follow curved walls and it can easily withstand high humidity, salt air, and freeze/thaw cycles. Installation is safer and easier because it produces no harmful dust (silica); the panels are light, do not have to be kept dry, and won't warp, crack, crumble, collapse, or shift. Reinforced siding ensures straight walls and maximum impact resistance.

Seams like real wood where individual courses eliminate unsightly stacked seams
Unlike most other vinyl siding and foam-backed cladding systems, DuraPlank has individual 7" courses. As a result, DuraPlank seams are less apparent and naturally staggered, giving your home a beautifully clean finish and a natural wood look.

R Value: Up to 3.65

Royal Building's website and more specific information can be located here.

Prodigy Insulated Vinyl Siding

R-value of 5.0.: Prodigy's 1-1/2" insulation provides industry-best energy savings with a system R-value of 5.0 and is designed to reduce your energy costs year-round.

Energy Gap Protection
With innovative features like RigidLock and FrictionFit™ combined with a fully insulated line of trim and accessories, Prodigy provides an unbroken blanket of insulation.

Zero Adhesive Insulated Panel
The precision-contoured insulation locks securely into the panel without glues or laminates, eliminating the possibility of differential expansion and contraction.

Secure Interlocking Panel Design
Innovative, patent-pending panel locking design for a tight, secure fit with no insulation gap. This ensures your siding will be securely locked in, will have straight and even course lines, and look great for a lifetime

Structurally Independent Wall System
Structural integrity and rigidly interlocking panels mean Prodigy stands tall on its own. The siding that stands on its own will stand up to almost anything.

The Look of Hand-Installed Boards
Designed and expertly manufactured to capture the look of traditional single-plank siding.

More Panel. Less Seams
39% longer than a standard 12' panel, the Prodigy Extended Length panel design yields a straighter, cleaner exterior appearance and fewer overlaps.

Crisp, Clean and Subtle
The look and feel of finely milled wood attracts admiration without seeking attention. The understated look is timeless and genuine.

Alside's website and more specific information about Prodigy is located here. They also have a enery savings calculator that you should check out.

The Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Vinyl Siding Panel is the one product that has something for everyone.

A superior .044" vinyl siding panel with an extra heavy-duty 'BearHug®' locking system that holds tight against wind, rain, and just about anything else Mother Nature has to offer.

Foam laminated permanently to each panel provides exceptional strength, rigidity and resistance to hail, deadens sound, and gives an extra layer of insulation to help manage your energy costs. A revolutionary ColorHold® acrylic capstock provide rich color and is warranted against fade for a lifetime. So, when it's time to side the exterior of your home, grin and 'Bear' it, with Polar Wall Plus!

Also available in Dutchlap.

Noradex's website and more specific information about Polar Bear Plus is located here.

CedarBoard Insulated Vinyl Siding
(The product is now called Cedar Boards Insulated Siding. The name was changed from True Comfort to Cedar Boards Jan 06.)

3 styles in clapboard and dutchlap:
- Double 6" Cedar Board
- Double 4" Clapboard
- Double 4-1/4" Dutchlap

  • Thick 1-¼" rigid foam backing increases R-value up to 22%
  • Reduces heat and air conditioning costs
  • Helps block sound - reducing exterior noise
  • Custom contoured foam provides strength and rigidity for outstanding impact resistance
  • Insulation treated with fire retardant and insect repellent - contains no ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Resists mold growth
  • Low-gloss, select cedar finish
  • STUDfinder™ (patented) is designed for accurate and secure installation
  • RigidForm™ 180 technology has been tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 180 mph
  • DuraLock™ oversized, rigid lock
  • 12 colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim
  • .044" thickness
  • Virtually maintenance free - never needs painting
  • Lifetime limited warranty

* Wind load ratings are per VSI wind speed calculation guidelines.


InsulSiding Insulated Vinyl Siding

InsulSiding panels give you the look and feel of premium wood, plus energy-efficient insulation for improved comfort. The Fullback thermal foam backing cuts your heating and air-conditioning bills by as much as 20%.


RMC's website and more specific information is located here.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Colors