Order Vinyl Siding

Order Vinyl Siding

Below are some companies that you can order vinyl siding directly from. Be sure to check out for any vinyl siding specials.

Here are a list of companies that you can order from and have your siding shipped to you:

Jerry Parker
Parker's Midwest Dist., LLC
202 N. Main Street
Paris, MO 65275
660-327-4721 phone
660-327-4723 fax
*This company specializes in Timbercrest log siding.*

Vinyl Siding Kits
5128 S 95th E Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74145
Telephone (918) 663-4400
Fax (918) 663-1500
*This company specializes in Insulated Crane Vinyl Siding that can be shipped directly to you. *

Wimsatt Building Materials
36340 Van Born Road
Wayne, MI 48184
Telephone (800) 497-9000
Fax (734) 722-0031
*This company has vinyl siding sales, closeouts, and bargains.*

You can also call the manufacturers directly and they will tell you the closest company you can order your product from.

If you are a company that is interested in being added to this list. please send us you contact information as well as any specials that your company is interested in offering. There is no charge to be listed. However, your company needs to be willing to ship to customers. Additionally, check here to find Vinyl Siding Manufacturers.