How to Remove Black Exhaust Build-up when Cleaning Vinyl Siding

How to Remove Black Exhaust Build-up when Cleaning Vinyl Siding

If you have vinyl siding on your home and you live near an airport or a freeway, you may have noticed a strange black buildup on the outside of your home. That blank gunk on your vinyl siding is caused by particulates from airplane and car exhaust that build up in the air and then stick to the otherwise clean vinyl siding on your home. So how exactly should you go about cleaning your vinyl siding of this black nuisance? By following the same basic steps you take when performing your normal yearly cleaning (you do clean your vinyl siding every year, don't you?) followed by one special final step.

Removing Exhaust Build-up From Vinyl Siding: Four Simple Steps

Here are the steps to take when cleaning built-up black exhaust stains from your vinyl siding.

  1. First, spray down your vinyl siding from an elevated vantage point like a ladder.
  2. Next, wash the affected areas with a gentle cleanser like dish detergent and a soft bristled brush.
  3. Let your siding dry and perform an inspection. If the stain is still there after a quick rinse and a gentle scrub, it's time to move on to the heavy guns, so to speak.
  4. Camping supply stores sell special mixtures for removing that black exhaust stain from your vinyl siding. Find a camping supply store in your area, purchase some of this special mixture and follow the application instructions on the product to remove the worst of the build-up.

Because these special stain-removing mixtures tend to be a bit pricey, it's always best to follow your normal cleaning routine before you apply them. You can save money by not wasting the mixture on areas which could have been cleaned with cheaper materials.

After following these steps, your vinyl siding should be free of exhaust gunk build-up and good to go until next year's cleaning.

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