When Repairing Vinyl Siding, Preparation Can Make A Big Difference

When Repairing Vinyl Siding, Preparation Can Make A Big Difference

If you're contemplating having vinyl siding installed on your home, you're probably not thinking about the intricacies of repairing vinyl siding yet, but you should be. This isn't meant to scare you. All building materials suffer damages over time and vinyl siding is no more or less likely to be hit by falling space debris than any other exterior covering. By taking a few simple steps to prepare now, you can make future repairs to your home's exterior go far more smoothly.

Stock Extra Vinyl Siding for Repairs

Repairing vinyl siding is a complex and challenging project as it is. Throw not being able to find siding to match your exterior into the mix and your home improvement project might run into a frustrating dead end. If you install your siding yourself, buy a little more than you need to cover your home. If you hire a professional to do the job, ask them nicely to leave any left over panels and scraps for you to save. Having extra matching vinyl siding on hand can make your life a whole lot easier when repairs are needed.

Construct a "Siding Donor" for Your House

Over the years, vinyl siding fades ever so slightly due to sun and weather exposure. If you're a perfectionist, the best way to ensure that you have a supply of vinyl siding the exact color of your house is to have another structure nearby made of the same material. Consider covering a fence, shed, doghouse or children's playhouse with the same vinyl siding as your home. That way if an accident damages a panel of vinyl on your home, you'll have a matching donor waiting nearby to offer a transplant.

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