Vinyl Siding Tips

Vinyl Siding Tips

Here are some tips that you should consider before purchasing vinyl siding:

1) Insulated Vinyl Siding

Consider using Insulated Vinyl Siding on your house. It costs more, but in the long run it will save you money.

2) Longer Vinyl Siding Panels

Many companies nowadays make longer vinyl siding panels that you should really consider. Some companies estimate that you can reduce up to 30% in seams or gaps using longer panels. I have regualr vinyl siding panels on my house and to this day wish I used the longer panels on my house.

3) Customer Support

Many companies have warranties for their products. However, if you send an email to many vinyl siding manufacturers, you won't get a reply. There are some vinyl siding manufacturers that have excellent customer support. Warranties do matter, but they matter only if you can actually contact that company and get a reply from them! To be sure, send them an email and see if you get any kind of reply from them.

Based on experience, the following companies actually reply to any questions that you may have: Royal Building Products, Kaycan, Certainteed

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