Looking for Alcoa aluminum siding? Think Mastic

Looking for Alcoa aluminum siding? Think Mastic

The old homestead's wood clapboards and trim need to be replaced? Chances are you remember seeing some neighborhood houses being covered with Alcoa aluminum siding--and chances are those homes are still looking good today.

Alcoa aluminum siding was so popular and durable that home renovators are still asking for it, although the aluminum giant sold its home exteriors business to Ply Gem Industries, a residential construction and professional renovation specialist, in 2006. Today, Alcoa's Endurance and Envoy siding brands are part of Ply Gem's Mastic Home Exteriors line ... but the four key reasons for their popularity haven't changed.

Alcoa aluminum siding legacy: dependability

Designed to boost curb appeal, increase home value and improve the home's energy efficiency, properly installed aluminum siding is fireproof, weather-resistant and impervious to termites and can last 40 years or more. Aluminum siding is ideal for homes in coastal areas with wind, salt and moisture. Mastic's products are wind speed rated to 165 miles per hour and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Sold under the Mastic Performance Metals brand, the company's Endurance (standard) and Envoy (premium) aluminum siding panels are available in eight colors and styles to perfectly match the look and feel of your home. Endurance siding has a nominal thickness of .019 inch, Envoy a more dent-resistant .024 inch.


Having aluminum siding installed costs approximately $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot. If existing siding must be removed and disposed of, that can add another $1 to $2 per square foot to the overall cost. When both style and price matter, aluminum is a relatively low-cost, easily installed and virtually maintenance-free option.


If aluminum siding is scratched, the silver color of the bare aluminum is exposed and can easily be repaired with touchup paint. Aluminum may need to be cleaned to remove dirt, grass, or mildew. Maintenance is easy: low-pressure washing with plain water or use a biodegradable detergent and hose it off with a light spray.

Just as Alcoa aluminum siding set the standard for years, today's aluminum siding is a sturdy, stylish and cost-effective choice.

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