Use Board and Batten Siding on Your Home for a Unique, Rugged Look

Use Board and Batten Siding on Your Home for a Unique, Rugged Look

Board and batten siding has been around for many years. Think about pictures you may have seen of Montana or Wyoming in the winter. Perhaps one of the pictures displayed a ranch house with snow covered mountains in the background--the ranch house was probably built with board and batten siding.

Board and Batten Siding for Ease of Installation and Durability

One reason this type of siding has been around for so long is its ease of installation. Board and batten siding is simply boards nailed onto the exterior of a structure in a vertical pattern. The boards are usually cedar, but other woods can be used, as well.

Another reason for the popularity of board and batten siding is its durability. It is often used in rugged areas of the country known for extreme weather. The siding may be finished with a clear finish, paint, or stain, or left to weather naturally.

Create Your Own Style

Board and batten siding can be installed in a variety of ways, with various board sizes.

  • Boards. Usually the first layer installed, and may be from 6 to 12 inches wide, although some are available up to 20 inches wide. These boards are installed with a gap between them that the batten board covers.
  • Battens. Boards, usually 2 to 6 inches wide, that are placed over the gaps between the boards.

Installing the battens first and then putting up the boards creates a deep-channeled look that is also very popular. Pick up some small samples of the wood in various sizes at your local lumberyard to experiment with different styles on your home and see which look you prefer. Maybe you don't live on a ranch in the Rockies, but your home can look like it would fit right in there.

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