Vertical siding: the latest in rustic

Vertical siding: the latest in rustic

Natural wood has long been the predominant choice of building material for vertical siding, but in late January CertainTeed Corp, one of the nation's largest manufacturers of vinyl wall cladding products, introduced a line of new vertical vinyl siding. CertainTeed's Chamfer Board utilizes a patented panel system that can be used not only for vertical wall cladding, but for porch soffits and ceilings as well.

What is vertical siding?

Homeowners in every part of the country have chosen the look of vertical siding for their timeless, traditional aesthetic appeal. From cozy cabins to rustic ranches, homes and structures clad with vertically-oriented siding stand out from neighboring structures with horizontally-run siding.

The most common style of vertical cladding is the board and batten approach, which uses long vertical boards and one- or two-inch-wide trim pieces, also known as battens, spaced every eight inches or so. For a mental image, think of the way an old barn looks.

Types of vertical siding

There are many different types of vertical building materials, but wood is most often used for vertical cladding. The predominant species are redwood, cedar and pine. Wood siding requires a lot of maintenance, however, and it is not fireproof. Architects that specify vertical cladding for newer commercial buildings typically use vertical aluminum or steel siding.

In the 1970s building materials' manufacturers began producing T1-11, which is a pressed plywood panel with interspaced grooves. The four-foot-by-eight-foot panels allowed for much easier and faster installation of the vertical cladding. More recently, fiber cement panels have made strong inroads into the vertical cladding market due to their longevity; however, fiber cement panels are extremely heavy and difficult to install.

CertainTeed's vertical vinyl panels are available in a double five-inch style and are made in eight different low-gloss colors. The material has a lifetime warranty.

"We strive to give customers the greatest possible choice of products to suit every style and personality," says Brian Kirn, product manager for the CertainTeed Siding Products Group. "Chamfer Board offers a smart, durable solution for those looking to add the unique look of vertical siding to their home."

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