Which board and batten siding costs more?

Which board and batten siding costs more?

Board and batten siding brings to mind a rustic ranch home with the mountains of Big Sky country serving as a backdrop. No wonder it's a popular siding style for vacation houses or even primary homes in a country setting. But before you rush out to your local sawmill and start loading up wood, what is the total siding cost involved with wood siding? Is there a better price option?

What's included in your siding cost?

There are many styles of wood board and batten siding, but one of the most common is a 12-inch cedar board with a 3-inch batten. An average price you may pay for the materials and installation could be about $5.80 a square foot or $580 per siding square. Your price could vary depending on your location and the materials you choose, but it's probably still going to be a little more than the $560 per square you might pay for vinyl board and batten siding to be installed.

That sounds as if for $20 a square more than vinyl siding you can have real wood siding on your home, but how accurate is that $20 a square? Don't forget, wood siding needs to be painted or stained when first installed, and requires regular maintenance for as long as the siding is on your home. Here are some additional costs you might have to figure into your total wood siding costs:

  1. Paint. Spraying a coat of latex primer and two coats of latex paint over rough cedar can cost $75 per siding square.
  2. Stain. Spraying two coats of stain can cost $60 per siding square on rough cedar siding.
  3. Water sealant. Two coats of spray-on sealant can cost another $62.

When you consider that wood requires one of these additional costs on a regular basis, the siding cost for vinyl board and batten could start looking pretty good.



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