Faux Brick Siding for Your Home--Less Cost and No Structural Concerns

Faux Brick Siding for Your Home--Less Cost and No Structural Concerns

Brick homes can be beautiful--there are many looks you can achieve with brick. It can make your home look elegant and stately, or country and casual. However, brick can be costly, and adding it to a home that was not originally constructed for brick can be a major project. Brick veneer is heavy, and needs good structural support.

For homeowners who want the look of a brick home, at a cost that doesn't strain their budget and without worries about foundational weight support, the answer may be faux brick siding.

Faux Brick Siding: The Look Without the Cost and Weight

Faux brick siding looks like brick, but it is a fraction of the thickness and weight. Faux brick siding does not need structural support, but it is weather resistant just like regular brick. It is also non-flammable, just like regular brick. It can go just about anywhere on the exterior, or even the interior of your home. You can install it on the entire exterior of a house for a fraction of the cost of regular brick, or simply create an accent at your entryway, or other focal point.

Faux Brick Siding Installs Easily

Faux brick siding installs on just about any surface. Remove your existing siding down to the exterior sheathing. Then follow these easy steps:

  • Install a water resistant vapor barrier, overlapping all joints
  • Install metal lathe over the barrier, overlapping joints 1 inch
  • Trowel on a mortar base thick enough to cover the lathe
  • Install faux brick just as you would regular brick, in whatever pattern you desire
  • Remove excess mortar used to adhere the faux brick
  • Grout the joints between the faux brick.

When you are finished installing it, even a brick mason may not be able to tell the difference.

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