Cedar Impressions reviews: why contractors like this vinyl shingle siding

Cedar Impressions reviews: why contractors like this vinyl shingle siding

Most people choose a vinyl siding based on style, color, and budget, but you might want to consider your installer's preferences as well. Contractors work with a large variety of sidings on a daily basis and often develop their own favorites, but the criteria they use when reviewing products may be a little different from yours.

Cedar Impressions reviews: why installers give the panels high grades

Installations that take longer or require frequent trips back to homes for repair work can cut into a contractor's already small profit margin, so siding with inherent disadvantages garner poor reviews from installers. However, CertainTeed has been making vinyl siding for over 40 years and makes a point of listening to feedback from installers using their products.

Cedar Impressions is a premier line of vinyl shingle and shake panels from CertainTeed. The panels are available in several different profiles and some styles offer over 20 color options. CertainTeed uses real cedar to create their molds for a very realistic wood-like appearance. Cedar Impressions reviews from installers have inspired these innovations:

  1. Panel Thermometer--Vinyl siding expands and contracts with temperature changes and it can be difficult for an installer to figure the correct spacing for a particular climate. The panel thermometer on Cedar Impressions siding lets the contractor know the correct spacing for your home's location
  2. Perimeter locking system--Holding a panel in place while balancing on a ladder and digging for nails can be a tricky proposition. The perimeter locking system on the siding panels is like having an extra set of hands on the job.

Cedar Impressions can be a bit costly at around $280 a square, so you might want to use it to accent your home's exterior. Pricing can vary based on your location and the style and color you choose.


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