Cedar Impressions siding offers an elegant natural look

Cedar Impressions siding offers an elegant natural look

Certainteed Corporation, one of the oldest siding manufacturers in the U.S., manufactures Cedar Impressions siding among its many product offerings. Like all Certainteed products, this siding has the look of natural materials, excellent performance, and the strongest warranty in the industry.

Cedar Impressions siding styles

Manufactured from molds taken from actual cedar shingles and shakes, there are a number of styles available:

  1. Triple 5-inch straight edge perfection shingles
  2. Double 7-inch straight edge perfection shingles
  3. Double 7-inch staggered perfection shingles
  4. Double 7-inch straight edge rough split shakes
  5. Double 9-inch staggered rough split shakes
  6. Half-round 6 ¼-inch shingles


Available in over 30 natural colors, the low-gloss finish and molded texture give the appearance of real cedar shingle and shakes. This siding is manufactured with injection-molded polypropylene with a nominal thickness of .100 inch and structural ribs for added strength. Panels are 48 inches in length with an exposure of 14, 15, or 18 inches, depending on the style.

Applications and cost

Due to the material thickness and manufacturing process, Cedar Impressions siding is a bit more costly than clapboard or lap siding, around $7.00 per square foot compared with $5.50. Although it is quite suitable for whole-house siding depending on the style of architecture, it is often used as accent material, for instance around gables. It is most frequently used for new construction in housing and light industrial applications, and for home remodeling. Perfectly color-matched accessories such as soffit, trim, and decorative moldings are also available.

Performance and warranty

The patented PanelThermometer™ and Molded Perimeter Lock ™ systems ensure precise installation and seamless appearance. This siding is virtually fade-free, zero maintenance, and is designed and tested to withstand hurricane-force winds. It carries one of the best warranties in the industry.

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