Cedar Shingle Siding: Natural Beauty and Durability

Cedar Shingle Siding: Natural Beauty and Durability

Cedar shingle siding brings to mind a home at the beach, weathered by salt and sand, or a home in the mountains with snowdrifts reaching the windows. Two reasons people choose cedar shingle siding for these types of homes are its durability and incredible natural beauty.

Not just for vacation homes anymore, cedar shingle siding is being used on homes in cities and suburbs. It is blended with stone veneers, stucco facades, or used by itself on every type of home, from one story ramblers to magnificent mansions.

Customize Your Home's Look

Cedar shingle siding is available in many different widths, lengths, and grades. It can be applied in different patterns, depending on whether you want an understated look, or severe shadow lines and definition. Some of the more popular applications are:

  • Single coursing
  • Double coursing
  • Staggered butt coursing
  • Ribbon coursing

Cedar shingles are available in different shapes, also. Squared off cedar shingles offer a traditional look, and rounded-bottom or pointed-bottom shingles present a more unique look for your home.

Cedar Shingle Siding Offers Multiple Finish Options

Cedar shingle siding may be finished in a variety of ways to achieve a style goal. A transparent finish preserves the look of the freshly applied siding, or try a bleaching oil for an instant weathered look to your shingles. Some manufacturers offer a pre-finished cedar shingle. The most popular finishes are:

  • Transparent
  • Semi-transparent
  • Paint
  • Solid stain
  • Bleaching oil

Cedar shingle siding can last for many years with proper care. If you enjoy the look of its distinctive charm and want something long-lasting, consider it for your next remodel project. You could feel like you are living in a vacation home every day of the year.

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