5 ways CertainTeed Monogram siding challenges wood

5 ways CertainTeed Monogram siding challenges wood

Whether a Cape Cod, a quaint cottage or a contemporary ranch, CertainTeed Monogram siding features a selection of colors, styles and accessories to fit any homeowner's style.

5 reasons to choose CertainTeed Monogram siding

  1. Rich, non-fading color: Monogram was the first siding to offer unique, darker shades, like Barn Red, Ivy Green and Sable Brown, in addition to a spectrum of colors. All colors are quality controlled and utilize exclusive PermaColor science, which ensures durable colors that will not diminish in intensity.
  2. Natural wood-like texture and finish: CertainTeed Monogram siding comes in three styles: Brushed Finish; Rough Cedar and Dutchlap Rough Cedar, in standard, deluxe and premium colors. Brushed finish siding simulates the appearance of freshly painted smooth clapboards. Molded from actual rough cedar clapboard, the rough cedar textures have a wood-like appearance, accentuated by a low-gloss finish similar to real painted wood. CertainTeed Monogram siding offers a wide range of accessories that are compatible with exterior styles and colors. Products include installation components, soffit, window and door trim, and decorative moldings.
  3. Durability: Monogram's RigidForm technology withstands up to 180 mph winds when installed with nails and 235 mph when installed with staples.
  4. Manufacturer's warranty: CertainTeed Monogram siding comes with a lifetime limited warranty that includes PermaColor lifetime fade protection for the original homeowner. The warranty is transferable if the home is sold. Improper installation, however, could void the warranty.
  5. Reasonable cost: CertainTeed Monogram siding costs around $5.49-$5.97 per square foot, depending on color and style. Panels come 12 feet in length and are .044 inches in thickness, which is customary for mid-grade siding. Professional installation may cost $1.25 to $6 per square foot.

A vinyl siding contractor who comes to the construction site should take accurate measurements before pricing the job. The quote should include installation of CertainTeed Monogram siding in the colors of your choice, including all needed finishes, trims, accessories, materials, labor and warranties.

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