Cedar Impressions: Cost for CertainTeed's vinyl shakes and shingles

Cedar Impressions: Cost for CertainTeed's vinyl shakes and shingles

Shingles and shakes give your home a timeless, rustic look that no other siding can match. Vinyl shakes and shingles add even more benefits--ease and speed of installation, a weather-resistant interlocking system that wood can't equal, permanent color, and wash-down maintenance with that high-tech tool, your garden hose. Yet CertainTeed's beautiful shake and shingle products, called Cedar Impressions, cost far less than their wooden counterparts.

The nitty gritty: Cedar Impressions cost

While wood shingles and shakes are laid on a wall one at a time, vinyl shingles and shakes come in sections about 4 to 5 feet long and two to three rows high. A shingle panel described as a "double 7-inch straight edge" means each panel has two rows of 7-inch-high shingles and the bottom edge of each shingle is in a straight line with adjacent shingles. Bottom edges may be straight or staggered, and half-round shingles are also available.

Here is a sample of a Cedar Impressions cost list posted online by a CertainTeed dealer. These prices may or may not be what your local dealer charges:

  1. Triple 5" straight edge shingle: $3.73/square foot
  2. Double 7" straight edge shingle: $3.65/square foot
  3. Double 7" staggered shingle: $3.95/square foot
  4. Double 6.25" rounded edge shingle: $3.90/square foot
  5. Double 7" straight edge hand-split effect shake: $2.86/square foot
  6. Double 9" staggered hand-split effect shake: $4.07/square foot

Note that vinyl shingles are thinner than shakes, since, like the originals, shingles have a more uniform sawn topside grain look. Shakes, which were originally hand-split, have a thick, deeply grained top. Another advantage of vinyl shakes over wood shakes is that they have a flat underside for tighter installation. How about shingles below and shakes on upper walls or gables? Spectacular!

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