Monogram siding reviews: why contractors like this premier CertainTeed product

Monogram siding reviews: why contractors like this premier CertainTeed product

CertainTeed has been a leader in the building materials industry for over a hundred years. Their Monogram horizontal siding is considered one of the premier selections in their wide range of vinyl siding products and a favorite of both contractors and homeowners.

Monogram siding reviews: a realistic appearance and installation friendly

Homeowners and installers give Monogram siding high grades, but for different reasons.

Most homeowners want vinyl siding that doesn't look like vinyl. Monogram siding is manufactured using molds created from actual cedar boards, which results in the very realistic wood-like appearance homeowners prefer. They also appreciate all of the options offered: three siding profiles and 39 fade resistant colors. A lifetime limited warranty instills confidence: they are purchasing a product that is made to last.

Contractors have different priorities, and their Monogram siding reviews usually mention the siding's installation-friendly features. A few ease-of-installation benefits offered by this siding make it an installer's dream:

  1. STUDfinder system--Monogram siding has a lettering system for their nailing holes that makes it easy for installers to locate framing members that are often hidden behind house wrap. Simply line up a lettered hole on a stud and other holes with the same letter should also be over framing members
  2. CertiLock nail hem--The siding can be locked in place before nailing. This labor saving feature allows the installer to safely nail the siding without having to hold it in position during the process
  3. Heavy gauge--Monogram siding is a thick .046 inch vinyl. Heavier vinyl is usually easier to work with and isn't as flimsy to handle on ladders and scaffolding. It can also help eliminate some of the common reasons for contractor call backs such as rippled siding or excessive expansion and contraction

CertainTeed Monogram siding is available for about $80 to $90 a square, but pricing can vary depending on where you live and the color you choose. Installation and trim costs are additional.


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