Which Certainteed vinyl siding is your style?

Which Certainteed vinyl siding is your style?

Purchasing new vinyl siding for your home is a big investment, not only because you may spend thousands of dollars just for the material, but because your siding is what ultimately protects your home from harmful exposure to the sun, the rain and other weather events. Vinyl siding manufactured by Certainteed is a popular choice for many homeowners, because the company has a long track record of leadership in the building materials industry, and they offer one of the largest selections of vinyl siding products in North America. In fact, the difficult choice might not be which manufacturer to purchase your siding from, but rather which style of Certainteed vinyl siding is right for your home.

Consider these Certainteed vinyl siding styles:

  1. Horizontal vinyl siding can give your home a traditional-looking aesthetic, but because the company offers over ten different styles of horizontal siding, you can choose one that makes your house unique within your neighborhood. The company's clapboard panels are available with a smooth or wood-grain finish, and you can choose from dozens of vibrant siding colors. The horizontal panels are also available in a wide range of pattern widths, which means that you can select the best-looking siding for your style of house. For example, a modest-sized historic bungalow may look best with the Wolverine 3-inch, smooth-faced clapboard, while a larger contemporary home might look better with a textured, wider board, such as the Main Street 8-inch with a wood grain finish.
  2. Vinyl shakes and shingles are an excellent choice if you want the appearance of wood shakes or shingles without the high cost and yearly maintenance associated with real wood products. From straight-edged shingles to staggered-edge, rough-split shakes, the company offers several types of vinyl shingles and shakes that can be used for whole-house projects or artistic accents to other styles of vinyl siding.
  3. Vertical vinyl siding styles, such as beadboard panels or board and batten patterns, can be an easy way to protect your home with a low maintenance siding that is straightforward to install but is far from ordinary-looking. The company manufacturers vertical panels that are available in 10- and 12-foot lengths, which eliminate the need for unsightly seams on taller exterior walls. The vertical panels are also available with a smooth, matte, or rough cedar finish and are offered in a wide range of fade-resistant colors.

When choosing a style, you should consider the original siding and architectural style of your home, as well as the surrounding homes and the natural environment that are seen next to your house. Remember, various styles and colors of vinyl siding may appear differently in person than on a computer screen, so it is often best to obtain actual siding samples so that you can compare them in person before you make your final selection.

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