Fiber cement or vinyl siding?

Fiber cement or vinyl siding?

Choosing the right siding for your home can be a difficult decision. If cost is not an overriding factor, you might be considering buying new premium vinyl siding or fiber cement board. Both cladding products have their own benefits and have been proven to hold up extremely well under adverse weather conditions.

So which product should you choose?

Fiber cement vs. vinyl

  • Vinyl: New premium vinyl siding -- especially insulated foam-backed cladding -- is one of the best products in the wall coverings market. It typically carries the highest wind rating, and its rigidity helps avoid "rippling" when attached to the wall. Unlike thinner vinyl cladding lines, premium vinyl siding can withstand most impacts and rarely scars. It also is often guaranteed not to flake, peel or fade over time -- though excessive direct sunlight can take its toll on any cladding product over the long run. Builders like vinyl products because they are fairly light and easy to install -- which can trim a significant amount of money from labor costs.
  • Fiber cement board: Cement board siding is perhaps the most durable of all cladding products. It's made with real Portland cement, making it extremely rigid and tough. Fiber cement board can't catch fire, and it's resistant to rot, fungus, warping, cracking and high winds. It can take impact from flying debris during a windstorm better than many alternate types of cladding. However, it's very heavy and requires specials tools to cut, making it challenging to install, which can increase labor costs.

Determining which product is better for your home largely depends on personal preference and the climate in which you live. Homes in areas prone to tropical storms, or near damp coastal regions, may fare better with cement board. Homes in extremely cold climates might benefit from the added insulation of premium insulated vinyl cladding. Homes in moderate climates could go either way.

Consult with a contractor -- such as the licensed, bonded and insured* professional builders found through this site -- about which style of siding is recommend for your home. The certified, pre-screened contractors in our network may help you determine which type of cladding works best in your region.

*See terms and conditions at: http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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