Gentek steel siding: quality, durability and safety

Gentek steel siding: quality, durability and safety

There are many different options when choosing siding for your home. Consider a few of these benefits when deciding whether Gentek steel siding is right for you.

Benefits of Gentek Steel Siding

When researching siding options for your home, keep in mind these three hallmarks of Gentek steel siding:

  1. Quality: The plants where Gentek steel siding is manufactured all have International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification, awarded on the basis of their quality management systems.

  2. Safety: Steel siding is fire-resistant. Some concerns have been raised about the health risks posed by vinyl siding during its manufacture and disposal, and in the event of fire. Steel siding is not associated with these concerns.

  3. Durability: Steel is the strongest material for siding and less likely to dent than aluminum siding. It is well-suited to homes that experience extreme temperatures and weather events, such as hail or salt spray. A PVC coating can protect it against sun damage. Steel siding does not warp or split, as other siding materials can due to changes in temperature and humidity. Steel siding is resistant to rot and to insect damage.

Maintenance of Steel Siding

Steel siding usually requires little maintenance--just an occasional wash down with a garden hose. Seamless steel siding eliminates the problem of seams or splits that can expose your home to damage.

These are the two most common problems associated with steel siding:

  1. Corrosion: Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause steel siding to rust. Checking for and repairing scratches that might allow rust to develop can eliminate this issue.

  2. Oxidation: A white chalky film can develop on steel siding due to a chemical reaction with oxygen from the air.

Gentek offers a lifetime limited warranty that covers these problems. Ask a sales representative about warranty specifics.

Cost of Steel Siding

Steel siding is about twice as expensive as vinyl, which is the least expensive option. However, much of this expense can be recouped through longevity and the savings you can make in energy efficiency.

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