Georgia Pacific siding: vinyl or Plytanium™?

Georgia Pacific siding: vinyl or Plytanium™?

There's no mistaking the need for siding, when building or renovating a home. The right choice of siding can eliminate potential woes down the road. Here we'll examine a few different types and weigh their benefits and drawbacks in terms of installation, upkeep, energy efficiency and overall appearance.

Plytanium™ plywood siding

This pine siding features a natural wood grain and claims to stand up stronger to weathering, shrinking, sagging and swelling than other plywood siding brands. Plytanium is 19/32 inches thick and comes in 4-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch grooves with ship-lap edges for a seamless look.

The pros:

  1. Rustic authenticity of real wood brings a unique look to your home's exterior
  2. Plywood siding can be painted or stained, allowing for broad design options
  3. Self-spacing feature helps make installation speedy and accurate
  4. Very low-waste manufacturing process limits environmental impact

The cons:

  1. Wood siding can be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions or temperature fluctuations
  2. Organic materials might be susceptible to damage by termites or other boring insects

Vinyl siding

Georgia Pacific vinyl siding offers a wide range of style and color options. Whether you prefer untextured or wood grain panels, a shingled hand-cut look or board and batten vertical siding, vinyl siding made by Georgia Pacific can help you find the right choice for your home.

The pros:

  1. Vinyl siding comes colored and ready to install, no stain or paint is necessary
  2. Many types can be purchased alongside color- and style-matched trim and other accessories
  3. High-insulation varieties can add greatly to a home's energy efficiency
  4. Some types of vinyl siding come with a lengthy warranty against wear and tear

The cons:

  1. Manufactured wood grain imprints often don't look quite as natural as organic wood
  2. Vinyl siding doesn't biodegrade like wood, so it contributes to landfill waste if not properly recycled

Which Georgia Pacific siding should you choose?

As with all home building and remodeling projects, the decision ultimately rests with the homeowner. This primer on Plytanium and vinyl siding can help you get started on the path to making the right decision for your home's exterior.

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