Trim Your DIY Siding Costs with Georgia-Pacific Siding

Trim Your DIY Siding Costs with Georgia-Pacific Siding

Installing your own siding is a good way to give your home a makeover without spending a lot of money on labor. But, you can also make your project go a little quicker and reduce your siding cost at the same time by choosing Georgia-Pacific Plytanium siding for your home.

Georgia-Pacific Plytanium Siding Can Reduce Your Siding Cost

Georgia-Pacific Plytanium siding is a 19/32" thick plywood that's engineered for use as an exterior siding. The plywood has a rustic appearance with decorative grooving every four, eight, or 12 inches, and the four feet by eight feet sheets allow you to cover a lot of wall area in a short period of time. The siding is available in a natural finish, so you can stain it. Or, purchase it primed and ready for exterior paint.

Un-primed Georgia-Pacific Plytanium siding is available at about $30 a sheet. That means you can have the durability of wood siding for about $94 a square. But, prices can vary depending on where you live and your state and local taxes. A few tips for installing the siding include:

  • Use 6d or 8d nails into framing members
  • Allow 1/8 inch spacing on all sides for expansion
  • When cutting with a circular saw, keep the finished side on the bottom to avoid chipping
  • Always store the siding covered and off the ground
  • Use a helper when installing siding over the first floor level
  • Applying a water resistant house wrap is recommended prior to installing siding

After a little practice, a two-person crew can install a square of Georgia-Pacific siding in about four hours. This can make your DIY project go quickly. The siding also comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

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