MainStreet siding boosts curb appeal

MainStreet siding boosts curb appeal

MainStreet, a product line of CertainTeed siding, delivers quality, value and variety to homeowners who are building a new construction or just covering an existing structure.

Virtually maintenance free, MainStreet siding never needs painting. The seven siding profiles are available in a wide selection of colors. From Autumn Yellow and Beige Snow to Granite Gray to Cypress, all colors are quality-controlled and utilize exclusive PermaColor science, which ensures durable colors that will not fade like lesser quality vinyl products.

The patented STUDfinder™ design aids in accurate and secure installation. It helps to avoid nailing into hazardous items between studs like plumbing or wiring. MainStreet's exclusive DuraLock™ is a substantially larger lock than is found on competing products, with a rigid rolled-over hem and engineered angular locking leg for snap-fit application and exceptional wind resistance up to 160 mph winds.

CertainTeed manufactures a wide range of accessories (soffit, window and door trim, corner lineal, corner systems and decorative moldings) that are compatible with MainStreet siding styles and colors.

Calculating Costs of MainStreet Siding

Because every home and vinyl siding job is unique, there is no way to precisely estimate job costs without calling a contractor. The best thing to do is invite a vinyl siding contractor to your home to measure it accurately and discuss other needs you may have.

MainStreet siding costs around $5.38 per square foot. Panels come 12 feet in length and are .042 inches in thickness, which is customary for mid-grade siding. Professional installation may cost $1.25 to $6 per square foot depending on geographical area, the contractor's hourly wage, plus preparation and repairs needed.

The quote should include installation of the siding in the colors of your choice, including all needed finishes, trims, accessories, materials, labor and warranties. CertainTeed supports MainStreet siding products with a lifetime limited warranty including a PermaColor Lifetime Fade Protection to the original homeowner. The warranty is transferable if the home is sold. Installation shall be in accordance with manufacturer's instructions; otherwise, it may be void if improperly installed.

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