Mastic Vinyl Siding: A Style Pioneer

Mastic Vinyl Siding: A Style Pioneer

Mastic vinyl siding is a great alternative to conventional, natural siding. Prized by homeowners who suffer from allergies, Mastic vinyl siding has been a low-maintenance alternative to traditional home siding for over fifty years. The vinyl siding designs that Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem offers vary from neutral tones that replicate the look of authentic wood, to a colorful palate that can accommodate every taste and design.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Styles Are Eco-friendly

Mastic vinyl siding has styles to suit every style: from streamlined to colonial, you can find both the color and the design to fit your vision and your budget. One of the newest Mastic vinyl siding styles is Ovation, which was introduced in 2009. With 20 colors and four styles to choose from, Ovation vinyl siding is environmentally friendly, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Mastic also produces vinyl siding styles that have been popular for decades, such as T-Lok Barkwood, which replicates the look of wood without the time and money spent painting and maintaining traditional wood siding. All Mastic products are made in the United States and are in compliance with Buy American requirements.

Because it is weather resistant, you won't have to worry about refinishing Mastic vinyl siding. Homeowners in tornado-afflicted areas can appreciate the windproof durability of Mastic vinyl siding. In comparison to other exterior siding such as wood, brick or cement, Mastic vinyl is much more cost-effective than its traditional competitors.

Mastic vinyl siding has been available since its introduction to the public in 1959. With its affordability and resistance to extreme weather, Mastic continues to grow in popularity exponentially.

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