Are Premium or Insulated Vinyl Siding Styles Worth It?

Are Premium or Insulated Vinyl Siding Styles Worth It?

If you've price shopped siding recently, you've probably noticed a tremendous price difference between value, premium, and insulated vinyl siding. You've probably also wondered if the steep price hike is really worth it. Here's the scoop on value versus insulated and premium vinyl siding styles.

Are Premium Vinyl Siding Styles Worth It?

There are a number of factors that contribute to higher quality vinyl siding, but thickness is the primary driver of cost. Building codes require all vinyl siding to be at least .035" thick, which is what most value products aim for. Premium brands, on the other hand, can be .055" or more.

Does thickness really matter? Absolutely. Thinner panels tend to sag and wear much faster, reducing the longevity of the product. They're also more susceptible to weather damage. For most weather conditions, however, .045" is sufficient, so choosing a thicker product may be unnecessary. If you live in hurricane territory, however, you should discuss a thicker, wind-rated brand with your contractor.

Is Insulated Vinyl Siding Worth the Investment?

Insulated vinyl siding typically adds about $1 per square foot to your costs--a difference of about $3,200 for the average home. According to a study from the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority; however, insulated vinyl siding outperforms even fiber cement in terms of energy consumption and C02 reduction, reducing ongoing heating and cooling costs. At an average savings of $50 per year on your energy bill, however, it could take decades to make up the cost difference. Still, insulated products are greener, reducing your overall carbon footprint and energy consumption--a benefit that many eco-savvy homeowners consider priceless.

Whatever vinyl siding styles you consider, remember that higher prices don't always indicate higher quality. Shop around! Request and compare multiple price quotes if you can.

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