Faux Rock Siding Can Create Accents for Your Home

Faux Rock Siding Can Create Accents for Your Home

When you drive through communities, especially those with newer homes, many times the houses seem to blend together. After awhile, they all seem to look the same, and then one stands out from the rest. Often the distinctive house has an accent or focal point that the other homes seem to be missing.

One of the easiest ways to create an accent on the front of your home is to use a different siding material to create a focal point. Your house may be covered in brick, wood, or vinyl siding--now think about areas on the front that could be highlighted. Maybe you have a front entry area that would really stand out if it were accented, or a picture window that could use something extra around it. For an easy and attractive accent material that helps provide a great new look, try faux rock siding.

Faux Rock Siding: A Style for Everyone

Faux rock is available in many different styles and natural colors. Choose a look that is similar to native rock found in your area, or go with a style from the other side of the country. There are many options available, including:

  • Eastern limestone
  • Western stacked stone
  • Eastern rough cut
  • River rock

Faux Rock Siding Is Easy to Install

After you have decided which area of your home you would like to accent, simply remove the existing siding or brick. Faux rock siding can be installed on wood framing or concrete foundations. It's water resistant, and non-flammable, and even adds a little additional insulation value.

Create one accent on the front of your home, or go for several. Then watch the cars slow down as they drive past, as your neighbors now notice how your home stands apart from the rest.

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