Stone veneer siding: cost includes some weighty extras

Stone veneer siding: cost includes some weighty extras

Stone veneer siding can be one of the most attractive products to put on your home, but it has a few characteristics that could greatly increase your total siding cost. Unlike more common materials such as fiber cement, wood, or vinyl siding, stone's weight and thickness must be taken into account when planning an installation. Unfortunately, those factors can also have an unpleasant effect on your siding budget.

Prepping for stone veneer and how it can affect your siding cost

Natural stone veneer siding can enhance the exterior appearance of just about any home. However, due to its expense, many homeowners choose to combine it with other more budget-friendly options such as fiber cement, wood, or vinyl siding when planning their exterior designs. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even when limiting its use, there are preparation issues that can still increase your siding cost. These are a few to remember:

  1. Support: Stone veneer must be supported by either a brick ledge on your foundation or by resting on your home's footings. If you don't have a ledge or enough room on the footing, providing support for the stone's weight can get very expensive.
  2. Depth: Stone is much thicker than most other siding materials so any exterior outlets, light fixtures, and vents may need to be extended out to accommodate your new siding. In some cases this is fairly easy, but in others not so much.
  3. Trim: Depending on your home's exterior styling, some trim may need to be changed to allow room for your new stone veneer siding. Frieze boards, window and door trim, and possibly even rakes boards may need to be adjusted out several inches, or extensions added.

All of these preparation issues can quickly stretch even a generous siding budget to the breaking point. If you like the look of stone but not the price, consider using faux stone in your exterior design to keep costs under control.




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