How to Hire Stucco Contractors

How to Hire Stucco Contractors

Stucco houses have a tendency to stand out from other homes--they have a clean, unfettered look. You can use stucco to create a variety of styles--from a rustic southwestern-style bungalow to an elegant provincial mansion. Stucco usually requires little maintenance, and should last many years if it is properly applied.

Before interviewing potential stucco contractors, you should know a few things about the stucco process.

Good Stucco Contractors Consider Drainage

Brick is not waterproof, if the brick veneer on a home gets wet enough, eventually some water can work its way behind the brick. A good mason provides weep areas for the water to escape. Stucco is the same way--water eventually gets behind it. However, drainage is even more important for stucco due to its thickness and composition. Water trapped behind stucco can cause damage much more quickly than with brick. The Portland Cement Council points out that most moisture problems with stucco are caused by improper installation, not the product.

There are many excellent contractors installing stucco everyday on homes that may never have a moisture problem. How can you find stucco contractors that understand moisture drainage? Start by following these steps:

  • Do some research on stucco drainage. There are drainage maintenance steps you should follow after your stucco is applied. The Minnesota Lath and Plaster Bureau has some good information on proper stucco drainage.
  • Check the references of stucco contractors you interview. Talk to homeowners who have lived in their stucco homes for more than a year, and ask about any moisture intrusion issues.
  • Ask the stucco contractors to explain in detail how they plan on providing proper drainage for your home, and then inspect the job as it progresses. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Stucco can be an excellent exterior protective finish for your home, but it may only be as good as the stucco contractors who apply it.

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