How does stucco affect your siding cost?

How does stucco affect your siding cost?

There's something about a stucco house that always seems to make it stand out from the rest--even when surrounded by homes with stone and brick veneer. Depending on the setting, stucco siding can make a home look refined and elegant or casual and comfortable, but in just about every instance, it's a siding that people remember. However, before making the decision to add stucco to your home there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Is stucco siding right for your home?

Adding stucco to your home's exterior can be a little different than making the decision to go with wood or vinyl siding--there are factors to consider that may not even come into play when using brick or stone. A few you may want to contemplate before making up your mind:

  1. Siding cost. Stucco can cost considerably more to have installed on your home than fiber cement or vinyl siding. The R.S. Means Repair & Remodeling Cost Data guidebook for 2010 estimates that an average vinyl siding can cost about $3.22 per square foot of wall area for materials and installation and fiber cement about $4.00. However, stucco can be as much as $6.00 and possibly more for special finishes or colors. This is a primary reason why many homeowners only use stucco on the front of their houses and select another material for the sides and rear.
  2. Installation. Vinyl, wood and fiber cement siding are DIY-friendly for most homeowners with a few tools and some basic home improvement knowledge. Installing stucco should only be attempted if you have many years of DIY experience, and even then hiring a contractor might be a good idea.
  3. Repairs. Stucco is very durable, but can be difficult to patch when it does happen to get damaged. If you have children who like to throw baseballs or there are large trees next to your home, another siding material might be a better choice.

Stucco can be an attractive siding choice for just about any home if these issues aren't a factor in your decision.

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