Synthetic Stucco Can Give Your Home an Elegant Look at a Reasonable Price

Synthetic Stucco Can Give Your Home an Elegant Look at a Reasonable Price

When you drive through an upscale neighborhood, certain houses just seem to stand out from the rest. In some cases, it may be the size of the home, a distinctive roof line, or an unusual design. In many cases, it is an exterior finish that gives the home a unique appearance. You may discover that some of these visually appealing homes have been enhanced with a synthetic stucco exterior finish.

Steps in Applying Synthetic Stucco

Synthetic stucco is made with cement, fiber, lime, and water. Preliminary work consists of installing a waterproof barrier, such as roofing felt, over your intermediate wood sheathing, then installing a metal mesh to receive the stucco over the barrier. It is applied in a three-step process:

  • The first coat, known as the scratch coat, creates the foundation for the layers that follow.
  • The second coat, known as the leveling coat, goes on a little thicker than the scratch coat, and is troweled smooth.
  • The final coat is fairly thin, and this is where any desired color or texture is added.

Key Considerations for Synthetic Stucco Projects

Synthetic stucco can last for many years when installed properly. It is wise to hire a siding contractor with stucco experience for the project. Ensure that they let each coat dry completely prior to adding the next coat. It is also crucial that your contractor allows for proper drainage behind the stucco finish. The final cost of a new synthetic stucco exterior can be compared to the cost of exterior brick installation.

The final stucco coat may be applied in many different textures and colors, so be sure to ask your siding contractor about your available options. Many people use different shades of stucco on their window and door trim to provide some contrast with the rest of the home.

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