Vinyl siding: 3 lesser-known companies to consider

Vinyl siding: 3 lesser-known companies to consider

If you're of a certain age, the phrase "We Try Harder" may still come to mind whenever you see an Avis rental car. The highly successful slogan helped make the company's name a household word during the 1960s. It also contributed to Hertz, the number one car rental company at the time, losing quite a bit of business to their second place rival.

3 vinyl siding manufacturers that fly below the radar

Name recognition means a lot in the marketplace. As a result, large businesses with big advertising budgets often have a tremendous edge with consumers.

This can be especially true in the building materials industry … just about every homeowner has heard of companies such as Andersen Windows and Bruce Flooring in large part due to their ad campaigns. These manufacturers offer some excellent products, but are they any better than those from less well-known companies such as Eagle Windows or Mannington Mills?

Perhaps even more important for those on a tight budget, do they provide the biggest bang for your remodeling buck? The vinyl siding industry is no exception. The biggest names such as CertainTeed, Mastic and Alside offer tremendous selections and have great reputations, but they're not your only choices. Here are three lesser known vinyl siding companies you may also want to consider:

  • Royal Building Products -- If you're looking for a heavy gauge vinyl that can stand up to the harshest climates, Royal's DuraPlank siding may be just what the doctor ordered. The product's .054-inch thickness is one of the heaviest in the industry. Royal also offers Haven, an insulated siding that's available in 14 colors as well as many other vinyl styles.
  • Revere Building Products -- Do you like the appearance of wood siding, but hate the maintenance? If so, Revere's Sovereign Select may be the answer -- it's a vinyl siding that looks as elegant as it sounds. Sovereign Select has a full ¾-inch lap height that highlights its shadow lines and provides the dimensional depth of wood. The siding is offered in five profiles and 28 colors. Revere features a full line of other vinyl siding options as well.
  • The Tapco Group -- How long does it take to achieve the weathered look that many waterfront homes convey? About a week if you side your home with the Tapco Group's Foundry siding. The company uses hundreds of molds created from real cedar to make their numerous shingle and shake profiles. They also offer vinyl panels with a realistic stone appearance that can be used as focal points on your home's exterior or to dress-up a concrete foundation.

When it comes to vinyl siding, there's no such thing as having too many options.

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