Go Green With FSC Certified Pine Siding

Go Green With FSC Certified Pine Siding

Many people think you can't build green with wood products. This is true in some cases, such as with old growth hardwood trees, but it is not true with all types of wood. Pine is a wood that can be grown in managed forests, and when grown and harvested properly is considered a sustainable product.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an organization that monitors the trees grown in these managed forests, ensuring they are grown properly and harvested at the right time. Trees grown and cut using the approved methods of the Forest Stewardship Council receive an FSC Certification and are considered a green building product.

FSC Certified Pine Siding for Your Home

One of the advantages of using pine siding on your home is that it can look right on just about any architectural style. Whether you live in a 200-year-old farmhouse or an ultra-modern home in a high-end subdivision, there is a style of pine siding that could look great on your house. Pine siding styles include:

  • Drop or clapboard
  • Beveled
  • Log cabin siding
  • Board and batten
  • Shiplap

Each style is available a variety of size options. You can use boards as narrow as 4 inches, or as wide as 12 inches.

Pine siding can last for many years if it is installed correctly and receives proper maintenance. The Southern Pine Council has installation and maintenance recommendations you may find helpful before you start your pine siding installation.

Many sources offer pine siding. Local lumber yards often stock it, and national lumber suppliers such as Collins Wood can ship it right to your location. Remember to request FSC Certified pine siding, so your home has a beautiful exterior while you feel great about going green.

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