Choose Redwood Siding for its Beauty and Durability

Choose Redwood Siding for its Beauty and Durability

Homeowners who have decided to use wood siding on their home's exterior should give strong consideration to redwood siding. If you want your home to project the warmth of natural wood, few softwoods have the rich patina that redwood can have with a clear protective sealant. Homeowners who prefer the look of a painted wood siding may like the way redwood accepts paint, and it's natural resistance to decay.

Redwood Siding is Available in a Style for Everyone

Lumber companies and mills realized many years ago the benefits of using redwood as an exterior siding. Redwood does not expand or contract as much as many other woods, which means it doesn't warp, split, or cup to the degree that other species of wood can. Redwood siding is resistant to insect damage, and is very lightweight. It also has very little resin or pitch compared to many other softwoods. Because of all of these positive attributes redwood offers, the lumber companies make redwood siding available in many different styles. You can choose from popular choices such as:

  • Board and batten
  • Traditional clapboard
  • Tongue and groove
  • Shiplap
  • Plywood

Many of these styles are available in different grades. If you are planing on painting your redwood siding, you might choose a lesser grade, which can lower your material costs. Homeowners who prefer the look of wood, and are planning on using a stain or protective sealant on their redwood siding, should consider one of the better grades, such as heart clear.

Redwood siding also may be installed without any paint, stain, or protective sealant. Due to its natural resistance to decay, it should last many years and weather to a beautiful silver/gray color.

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