Engineered Wood Siding, Wood Siding Without Wood Maintenance

Engineered Wood Siding, Wood Siding Without Wood Maintenance

Wood siding has been used on homes for centuries, and it's a style that most people like. However, if you have ever lived in a home with wood siding, you likely know about the significant maintenance tasks that accompany its attractive look. Insect and moisture damage can lead to costly repairs, so frequent monitoring and preventive measures are a must.

What if you could have the look of wood siding without the constant concerns and upkeep chores?

Engineered Wood Siding: Wood Siding Without Wood Maintenance

Engineered wood siding is constructed with wood fibers and strong resin. They are compressed to create a solid product that looks and feels like wood. It has no knots, and is resistant to the cupping and warping of regular wood. Engineered wood siding cuts like wood and is nailed like wood, but the boards are lighter than wood, which makes it easier to install.

When engineered wood siding is manufactured, it is specially treated to make it resistant to insect damage, moisture, and rot. Engineered wood siding is considered a "green" building product, as it uses all parts of the tree. It is also manufactured from fast-growing tree farms rather than old-growth forests. It can be made in lengths 16 feet and longer, which can reduce waste during installation.

Simple or Elegant, There's an Engineered Wood Siding Product for You

Engineered wood siding is available in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses, in both smooth and wood-grained finishes. It comes ready to paint, primed, or with a factory finish. Available styles include:

  • Lap siding in various widths
  • Panel siding in different finishes
  • Shingle siding

Whatever your design preferences are, there's a style that's right for you.

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