How to Install Vinyl Siding Part 1

Hi I'm Pat Caporuscio for VinylSidingZone.com and today we're going to show you how to install vinyl siding. I chose this wall because it's short, it won't take us too long. OK, before we head off to pick up our materials, we have to figure out how much material we need.

Buying Vinyl Siding, Preparing the House, and Selecting Necessary Materials

We got about 7 and half feet high and about 11 and a half feet long, so we'll round that up; it's about 86 and a half square feet. We multiply those two together. One square of siding is approximately one hundred square feet. We're headed off to get our siding from our local siding store which is Siding World, pretty close to my house.

Here we are matching the color, and let's see what the salesperson has to say. "Let's see if we can match this up for you, I've got a few other creams, let's give you a few different options. We have twelve pieces, there's twelve pieces per square, you're looking at one square of the siding."

We also got Greenguard, which is a fan fold siding underlayment that's perforated to allow moisture to escape and to allow you a smooth surface to install your siding. We also need a roll of Tyvek tape, which I have back at the jobsite. We also picked up J channels, we needed four of these, and this is what we put the siding into on the sides. And we run this along the top for the trim.

We also picked up one inside and one outside corner. Make sure our load is secured and we have a red flag on the back there, and we're headed back to the job."


For review we needed:

  • one square of siding
  • one square of Green Guard
  • 4 12 foot J-Channels
  • an inside and outside corner
  • 2 ten foot starter strips
  • 5 lbs of 1.5 inch roofing nails
  • 1 roll of Tyvek Tape

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