How to Install Vinyl Siding Part 3: Cutting the Siding

So looks like we need 90 and a half… Alright so you want to start with a fine tooth paneling blade to cut the vinyl, and as always, safety first, make sure you put some goggles on. Goggles and of course my hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. Alright so I've measured this, we're at 90 inches, and we'll give this a cut, we're all set to put this up.

So this is out inside corner, we've got it customized to fit here, so just push that tight into the corner, put the nails kind of in the center if you can, of the slot. Don't have to do one side or the other, double check yourself here with the level. OK it's looking pretty good there. Now we're going to measure for the outside corner, same thing, I've loosened this board up here, so I'm going to press down a little on that, that's in case we need to do any adjustments there. So we're going to stand on this so we get an accurate measurement, and we're going to go to the top here, so we got 90 and three quarters. This side is a little taller so we want to measure here, looks like we've got 92, we've got 90 and three quarters and 92, so we've got to cut an angle on that.

We've got that cut. Just check, see if you're level, looks pretty good there… need to come in. Alright now we're ready for the starter strip and then the J-channel, then we can start hanging some siding.

Next thing we're gonna do, gonna put the starter strip up. That goes on the bottom, I advise to start at one end. Since we're going to follow the porch, we need to be up enough in order to slide the siding underneath, so just sort of tack that, looks like right about there. Now take our level, put it on there, looks like right about there. You can just push the nail in there and hold it, and we can drive that one home ‘cause it's looking pretty good. We need to cut another little short piece, all we need for that are a pair of side cutters, 13 inches, so just take and get yourself a little cut right there and there, and cut straight through to 13 inches. Pretty easy with the side cutters. You can also use these to cut the siding, but a saw's a little bit easier to cut a straight line.

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