How to Install Vinyl Siding Part 2: Vinyl Siding Insulation and Green Board

OK the first thing we're going to do is put some of our insulation, it's a green board that goes underneath this siding, and this just folds out, it's relatively easy to use, just fold it out there, get it square in the corner, obviously it's going to sit on the bottom here. Start your nailing on this end. Get it all the way in the corner, get a starter nail in it, get it on a stud, here's our stud. Then come on down to this end. There's a stud there.

OK, here's how you cut the back side in case you didn't know. This is relatively easy; just score straight, use the wall as a straight edge. See if we can get a close up of that. All right we're gonna cut this the pretty easy way here, we're measuring the inside here, at least on this window sill we've got 7 and a quarter, measure down, we've got seven and a quarter make your mark. Do the same thing over here, run it on the inside, it looks like we've got seven on this side, so we're gonna make our mark at seven, that window is a little bit out of square. Take our level and join the two marks.

So I've made myself a little work table here out of some scrap plywood and a couple of saw horses. You should set yourself up a good cutting area, and I've measured out one of the pieces here, and I like to use my level as a straight edge. I've already got that cut. OK, last nail for the green board, don't pound too hard, that's why we use a little bit smaller hammer, you don't want to break the surface if you can help it.

We're going to tape up all the seams with this Tyvek tape, and there are several types of tape that you can use but this is a pretty good way to seal up all the seams so you don't get any air whatsoever in there. And we cut it there. OK just make sure your seams are sealed with the tape, OK now we've got a nice air tight wall here, now we can start laying out the inside and outside corners and the J Channel, then we can go ahead and put up our siding.

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