How to Install Vinyl Siding Part 4: Nailing Siding to Your House

For this you want two people to get the right measurement, Jake's holding it there for me and it looks like we have 136 and three eighths and you don't want to make this a tight tight fit, you want to make this vinyl siding wall floating, so you're going to cut this 3/8ths of an inch shorter so you have a little gap at each end so it doesn't bind as it swells ad contracts with the weather.

You're going to push it in at the bottom, snap there, and just go all the way around, snap and pull up, snap, snap, snap, it's not that hard, you just push it in, there you go. So we're snapping then you pull up a little.

Run the nails right in the middle; just don't pound the roofing nails in all the way. Don't make it too tight because you want to keep it floating, so leave it out maybe about a 16th of an inch so it's got some play.

Like I said right in the middle, it's actually marked, just leave it a little bit loose. So I've got Jake on the other end, we're just going to pop this second piece in, show you how easy that is, so we pop it in there, hook it underneath there Jake, just kind of walk it down, walk it down, walk it down, snap it in, then snap it in place, get it right in the center, don't pound it in all the way, get it right in the center, don't pound it in all the way let's get us another one, see how it shifts back and forth, that's what you want. You want it to move like that.

So we got our 45 cut here, then we cut a little tab out of that and folded it up, and we got a 45 cut there.

OK there's two ways to cut the trim, this is the first way: two 45 degree angles and a little tab on the inside to attach to the other, like that, that's the way I do it. And we have another way, cut it off square, one 45 degree angle, and then cut the tab out on your second piece and slide them together with the 45 degree angle going over the flat piece.

Last piece of trim here, this is actually the hardest part. Slide that little piece to line it up there, and we've got a piece on the top and we've got all our corners cut, a little piece around the window, I just used the side cutters here, I've got that premeasured there. Then I've got this thing called the slider, your knife blade goes through there and you can cut straight based off of here. So I cut down the rest of the way, alright. Snap it in place, and now we're going to pop everything into place, not quite as easy. Here you go.

I'm Pat Caporuscio for Vinylsidingzone.com. Thanks for watching our how to install vinyl siding video. Hopefully this helps you. See you again next time.

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