Vinyl Siding Accessories

Below is a list of vinyl siding accessories that you can add to your house to enhance its look. Additionally, check out the pictures of vinyl siding accessories below.

  1. Door Surrounds - Trim around the door that creates a unique and beautiful look to the house.
  2. Exterior Dentil Trim - It is stated that dentil trim gives a house a distinctive architectural look.
  3. Gable Vents - There are many gable vents to choose from, but there are some that are insect repellant and made from fiberglass.
  4. Mounting Blocks - To be used on rough openings, such as faucet, light, electric blocks, meters, wires, etc.
  5. Utility Vents - Provide a finished apperance to your vent openings.
  6. Shutters - Enhance your house's look by using shutters next to your windows. You can either buy operable or decorative shutters.
  7. Window Decor - Surround your windows with window accessories, such as window headers, corner blocks, lineals or shutters.
  8. Decorative Gable Windows - Custom Gable Windows, which would be a beautiful addition to any house.
  9. Keyed Corners - These are to be placed on the corners of your house instead of outside corners and these corners create a distinctive look.
  10. House Number Kits - Place your house address on these kits.

Door Surround from Mid-America

Dentil Trim from Mid-America

Gable Vents from Mid-America

Mounting Block from Mid-America

Utility Vents from Mid-America

Vinyl Siding Shutters from Mid-America

Window corner block and lineal from Mid-America

Keyed Corners

House Address Kit from Mid-America

Vinyl Siding Accessories from Mid-America
Vinyl Siding Accessories from Duraflo
Vinyl Siding - Keyed Corners

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