Go over to the dark side with these vinyl siding paints

Go over to the dark side with these vinyl siding paints

At this point, almost everyone knows that vinyl siding can provide many years of low-maintenance protection for your home's exterior. Once installed, all it usually takes is a little soap and water to keep the cladding looking like new. And with the extensive color palette now offered by many vinyl manufacturers, there's a shade to complement just about any architectural design or exterior décor.

But what if you don't want to commit to a shade you'll be stuck with for as long as the vinyl siding is on your house? Are there any good methods for changing its exterior color short of installing new siding? Luckily, a great option is now available from a couple of well-known paint companies who have product lines specifically designed for vinyl siding application.

Vinyl siding paint: the new breakthrough for darker colors

Painting your home's vinyl cladding might not sound like a ground-breaking idea. Though it has been an option for quite some time, it's always had one major caveat: you had to choose a shade that wasn't any darker than the color of your siding. If the new hue was darker than the original shade of the vinyl, heat absorbed from the sun could cause excessive expansion and contraction of the panels that might lead to buckling.

As you can imagine, this meant that families with white, ivory, almond, or any other light colored vinyl on their homes had very limited options if they elected to paint the veneer. Well, not anymore. Here are two well-known paint companies that have introduced product lines specifically designed for applications over vinyl cladding:

  • Sherwin-Williams - This company's VinylSafe Color Technology allows homeowners to paint dark colors over lighter shades of vinyl siding without fear of future buckling. Sherwin-Williams offers VinylSafe in three lines of exterior latex paint and 100 vibrant colors. And if one of the standard VinylSafe shades isn't quite what you're looking for, the company may be able to create a custom color that's unique to your home.
  • Benjamin Moore - Imagine being able to choose from 59 colors for your vinyl cladding that range from Raspberry Truffle to Black Bean Soup and not having to be concerned with how they might react to the sun's heat. It can be a reality if you choose Benjamin Moore's Vinyl Select paint for the exterior of your house. Vinyl Select is available in flat, low-lustre, satin, semi-gloss, and specialty finishes.

If you're looking for an exterior cladding that can provide your home with many years of low-maintenance protection, it might be difficult to beat vinyl. And if you're worried about having to look at the color you select for as long as the siding lives, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have you covered with an assortment of shades specifically designed for the veneer.

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