Exterior siding 2013 features new colors

Exterior siding 2013 features new colors

Building material manufacturers learned a long time ago that there's no such thing as offering too many color options. Whether looking for new ceramic tile, carpeting, or a paint shade to change a room's mood, your color choices are practically endless.

Fiber cement and vinyl siding companies joined the party by expanding their original palettes of about a half dozen hues to 20 or more in some product lines. And because trends and tastes are constantly changing, several major siding manufacturers have introduced a few fresh new colors for 2013.

CertainTeed fiber cement and vinyl siding colors for 2013

Certainteed Corporation has been an industry leader in bringing innovative building materials to the marketplace since it was founded 1904. Their fiber cement and vinyl siding products have been used on homes in every part of the country. If you're planning a vinyl siding project in 2013, here are six new siding colors they offer that could add a little pizzazz to your home:

  • Autumn Red
  • Bermuda Blue
  • Forest
  • Linen
  • Green Tea
  • Charcoal Gray

The new hues aren't available in every product line. If Green Tea, Linen, Charcoal Gray, or Bermuda Blue sound interesting, look for them in the Cedar Impressions and Monogram 46 lineups. Autumn Red can be found in some Monogram 46, Northwoods, Cedar Impressions, and CedarBoards profiles. And if Linen strikes your fancy, it's been added to CertainTeed's Monogram 46 product line. Many of the new shades are also included in the company's exterior trim and soffit color palette.

Fiber cement fans also have something to cheer about in 2013: CertainTeed has introduced 10 new colors to their WeatherBoards lineup as well. You can now add Pacific Blue Suede, Hearthstone, Light Maple, Cypress, Flagstone, Marigold, Forest, Granite Gray, Sable Brown, and Taupe as hues to consider for your home.

New vinyl siding colors from Mastic for 2013

Mastic Home Exteriors has also brought some fresh new vinyl siding colors to the marketplace this year. If you're partial to earth tones, one of these five new shades might be perfect for your home:

  • Misty Shadow
  • Red Cedar
  • Corn Silk
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Vineyard Grove

Corn Silk, Misty Shadow, and Autumn Harvest can be found in some profiles of the company's CarvedWood-44, Quest, and Cedar Discovery lineups. Corn Silk is also available in Mastic's Ovation line of vinyl siding. Vineyard Grove is offered in the Quest and Cedar Discovery product lines. And if Red Cedar sounds like it might be perfect for your home, look for it in the company's Cedar Discovery selection of vinyl shingle and shake siding panels.

Mastic and CertainTeed have also retired a few fiber cement and vinyl siding colors in 2013. If you installed one of their products on your home in the last year or so, you might want to pick up a box of your profile's color. You never know when a little might be needed for a future repair.

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