Compare bids for best siding cost and save money

Compare bids for best siding cost and save money

When reviewing a contractor's bid for installing new vinyl siding on your house, it can be difficult to determine if the proposed cost is too high, too low, or just right. After all, re-siding your house is a home improvement project that usually only happens once or twice in a lifetime, which means that very few of us have enough experience reviewing siding estimates to really know what is the right price to pay. To make the task even more difficult, siding installation costs may vary from one area to the next, based on installation techniques, availability of qualified installers, as well as local building codes--and even an area's climate and weather.

One way to determine the best price for your specific siding project is to solicit work estimates from two or three siding contractors who work in your local area and have thoroughly inspected your house. By comparing bids from professional installers, you can determine what materials are needed for the project, how long the project should take to complete, and ultimately what is the best price to pay for your home's new siding.

3 tips for comparing bids for vinyl siding costs

  1. Make sure to gather bids only from siding installers who have a proven track record for reliable and quality service in your local area. Good reputations in the construction industry are hard-earned, and the competitive nature of the business often weeds out those contractors who charge too much for their work or don't deliver on their promises.
  2. Request that each work bid include a detailed breakdown of all the materials that will be used to complete the project. From house wraps and insulation to window flashings and trim pieces, most vinyl siding projects require many more materials than just the siding panels.
  3. Each bid that you review should come with a labor cost, which needs to include detailed information about the specifics of your project, such as the number of days it might take to complete the project, an hourly cost for unforeseen work, and the expected site conditions around your house during the installation and after the project is complete.

When comparing work estimates and siding installation costs, don't just look at the bottom line and select the contractor who offers you the lowest price. There is a wealth of information to be learned from each contractor's bid, and by comparing all of the details in a bid, you can gain a better understanding of your specific project and feel more confident that you are paying the right price to get the project done.

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