Lower your vinyl siding cost: do 3 tasks yourself

Lower your vinyl siding cost: do 3 tasks yourself

Just about everyone is keeping a close eye on their budget these days. If you need to replace the siding on your home, you may be wondering what can be done to lower the costs down to where they don't hurt your wallet quite as much. Many homeowners decide to tackle the installation themselves in an effort to save a little money, but not everyone has the skills or time to take on a project of that magnitude.

3 methods for lowering your vinyl siding cost

You may not be able to install your own vinyl siding, but if you have a few common tools and don't mind getting dirty, you can tackle a few of the tasks that are a part of most siding projects. The best part is that many siding contractors prefer just doing installations and may lower their prices to remove these tasks from their scope of work. Consider taking on these jobs to lower your vinyl siding cost:

  1. Demolition. Removing the old siding from your home can be labor-intensive and time-consuming--two factors that can really drive siding prices up. If you have a hammer, wrecking bar and ladder, there's no reason why you can't handle this phase of the job.
  2. House wrap. If you're putting on new siding, new house wrap should be installed first. The material comes in a roll, is easy to nail or staple in place, and doing it yourself could save some money. Remember to start at the bottom and work up.
  3. Clean-up. If you have access to a truck and know where the landfill is, you should be able to take care of this important part of the siding installation.

You might not be able to install your own siding, but you may be able to lower your costs by taking on these small but necessary phases of the project.

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